Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thrifty Decor (But Still Fabulous)

    Starting over has kind of been my thing for the past...well..forever haha. New cities, new apartments, new friends; and of course with all of these I have had many opportunities to redecorate! (as cheaply as possible of course). Using Craigslist, yard sales, Goodwill, random thrift stores, and DIY from Hobby Lobby and Michaels, I have managed to re-fabulize my little spaces into my own little retreats. Here are a few of my projects that have helped. And don't worry, none of them are too much actual work :).

                  My favorite room that I have decorated, would be a room and bathroom that I had full decorational reign over in Lexington, KY. When I first moved in, the room was big with light blue spongey paint everywhere! (light blue of course one of my least favorite colors) The carpet was nice, and the ceilings were high, with a tall thin window in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. There was also nice crown moulding as trim, which I loved and the bathroom was large as well!! Extra bonus, woot! I suffered through the light paint for about a month, before I could get enough money to buy the paint.
The day I moved in!

                My first decorating tip for a thrifty budget: paint can change the feel of a room, and is relatively inexpensive. If you are feeling restless or need a change, dye your hair or paint a room!  I had been wanting to do an accent wall and I love the dramatic, but still wanted homey and comfy. So I decided on dark grey paint on 3 walls and in the bathroom, which made the white trim look awesome, and then my accent wall would be a dark magenta/pink color. I had a bit of trouble deciding which wall would be the accent- I thought it should be on an open wall, without any interruptions like furniture or windows..but I still wanted to see it! So I made the wall directly across from my bed the accent. Loved it! I then added zebra sheets, a dark magenta cover for my bed, a black light blocking curtain for my window on my pink wall, and a magenta curtain for my window in the bathroom.

              Accessories are definitely my favorite thing to spend my time (not much money though) on. Since I am not good with nails, I happily discovered Command Strips. They have them for everything!! I used them with my long pink mirror, my shoe rack on my closet door, and my diy 'art' projects. Let me tell you, theses little projects were my favorites! Me and one of my friends decided to try crayon art. You buy a canvas, arrange crayons with hot glue, turn the whole thing upside down and blow dry the crayons! We did discover that you have to be careful with where you point the heat, and of how close you blow dry (hot crayon splattering everywhere is very messy!). After the colors are all drippy how you like it, you can then stencil art underneath, or make a saying: I decided on the phrase "Magic is something you make". I then hung that in my bathroom, the colors I chose being greys and pinks of course.

                          For the room, I decided to make something to help organize my time. So I made a dry erase calendar using: pink and grey paint chips, a poster frame from Walmart, dry erase and permanent markers - be careful, with which you use :). I love organization, so I was very excited about using it.
 Like this but different colors

                      The last accessory I made was with 4 cork squares that I bought unopened at a garage sale and scrapbook paper. I just hot glued the paper pretty side up to the cork board and command stripped them up! I used old earrings and tacks to hang pictures of my family and friends that I missed. Last touch!

            Over all, that room was definitely one of my most favorite fabulously thrifty redo's.

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