Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adopting a fur child

             A couple of months ago, my new husband and I- or rather just me...good thing he loves me ;) - decided to adopt this fuzzy little thing. So cute!!!
The Honey Pot
                 She is a Pomeranian - Poodle mix, I found her online, as you can see. The poor thing was an accident! But exactly what I was looking for. She immediately became a part of our lives that there was no escaping (although I did have dreams there for a while of selling her when she would just scream all night from her cage!). With all of the potty training, no-bite training, and crying and screaming at night we are considering this practice for the day we have real children to take care of! We do love her though :). Here is a picture of her first bath: 
Such an old man!
She loved the water! Such a silly thing. 

               When I was working on the Hubby to let me get a puppy, I was spending all of my time searching online for animal shelters, puppy farms, and I even encountered an online website where they would mail you a puppy (after you paid $500 of course..definitely a scam). I made him go with me into the animal shelters not only in town, but in all of the surrounding towns as well! And some of them were pretty scary. I can honestly say that I tried to take at least one dog home at each one, thank goodness-or sadly- he is my voice of reason. I also looked at the puppy farms, there are quite a few in Minnesota, all about 5 hours away from me of course. He was very against those, not trusting the breeding and care of the dogs. They were also much more expensive. But then again he was against getting a pup from a random seller online, but look at the gem i found up there!   ^ haha
         In all of my hours of searching, I did find a gem of a website . You can search for literally any breed, mix breed, size, or even silly name like "taco bell dog" or "lovable giant". The site searches its database of shelters and rescue groups in your area, and you can even save the search and the site will email pets to you every day!! And yes, I do still have these coming to me ;) Hubby watch out, there may be a Honey 2 coming soon! haha. But seriously, I use this site for friends as well! As soon as anyone mentions looking for a pet, I am all over it giving them dogs they could pick up right now! Such an awesome site. 

            Well, good luck searching to anyone out there doing there own search for their new pooch :) And please comment any other shelter searching sites out there! I would love to add them to my email list :).

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