Sunday, February 2, 2014


    Now that you've been inspired by my last post...            
           I don't know about you, but used to (before I got into it) I would cringe whenever I saw or heard the term 'DIY'. Instantly images of nails and hammers and drill and saws and smashed thumbs and crooked boards would flash through my mind! And I would say ummm I don't think so! And run to the store. Then, I discovered that DIY doesn't necessarily mean a hard hat and heavy gloves,  maybe just some paint and hot glue! I love the sense of accomplishment and the rush of creativity making its way into my projects. Here are some of my favorite easy, but totally fabulous DIYs :) And no construction equipment necessary!

            This is one of the cutest DIY material I have seen in a while! Also pretty simple :) and you can put it on everything!!
Washi tape and candle holders! Oh the possibilities

Doing this on all my light covers!! Directions

 Who doesn't love fancy dinnerware? :)
Just like the Starbucks cups!! But inexpensive :)

Just using a paint pen and glasses!! - Just don't paint along the rim!

Make everyday containers into cute organizers!! Yay organizing!!!
Be real, just an excuse to buy the cookies haha

Old glass bottles, with paint! 
(make sure you get paint for glass! - learned the hard way)

Folgers cans :) How To

Hot glue and material goes a long way as well! 
Material or scrapbook paper, Hot glue, and earrings or push pins on cork

(spoiler alert!) These are just shoe box lids!!

Or just use some paint to make some crafty decorations (throw some glitter on there too!)
Childrens toys turned decorations! (I have some horses I am going to try this on!)

I love these letters - directions here!

Wooden letter, Mod Podge, LOTS of glitter, and sealer!

Make your own quotes and signs here

You can even turn old furniture into new pieces without tearing things apart :)

So expensive looking, right? Nope! Just an old door and $5 mirror from Walmart!

Such a unique look! directions

I love knobs anyway haha double useful!

Such a cute surprise! How To

Decoupage - here!

See? I told you not all DIY requires a toolbox! (a craft box maybe). All of these can be completed on a day off, and without too much effort - just a little creativity!


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